Sunday, February 12, 2012

Memories And Recollections Of Whitney Houston

On the eve of the 2012 Grammy’s, our hearts are sadden by the loss of one of the greats, Whitney Houston. Over the years, I’ve been lucky to have some great experiences working in the music industry and being just a ‘fan.’ Here are 2 stories I can recall.

One of times I bumped into Whitney was at the Faith Evans release party for ‘Keep The Faith’ in Beverly Hills in 1998. A whisk of energy flew into the party area when I noticed a group of people with Bobby Brown and Whitney together. They were in their own element, untouchable in a bubble of self protectiveness and considering the time probably fueled by what did Whitney in. Sad to me even back then.

The first time I ran into Bobby Brown was Jan. ’85. I was shopping and sightseeing on Hollywood Blvd. In comes New Edition, fresh off their hit ‘Candy Girl’. All of New Edition came in to shop with their body guards in tow, but there was Bobby dancing and pop locking on the sidewalk with the store’s speaker blasting out Sheena Easton’s ‘Sugar Walls’ out on to the street. Thinking at the time, Bobby sure has loads of energy, this was an early Sunday morning too. I’ve bumped into Bobby several more times after that, but each time I never considered him the monster that the media portrayed him as and especially now with all the backlash. Both Bobby and Whitney were just victims, it’s just that one of them died for it.

I will always remember the things I loved about you Whitney, that’s what I’ll remember.