Monday, January 31, 2011

Tanya Morgan L.A. Times Interview

L.A. Times: So what's the current status of the new record?

Von Pea: We’re like 10 songs in. Right now, they’re in the demo phase. We have 10 to 15 more to do before we're a go yet. It doesn't have a running theme or a concept yet. However, based on our experiences performing, we know that we're going to have to get in front of people and play these songs without apologizing for not having a guest, or trying to explain what the songs are about.

Donwill: We wanted to make an album based on emotion and feeling, as opposed to one overarching concept.

L.A. Times: You guys were part of the first wave of groups forming over shared interests and musical tastes over the Internet. There's been a variety of stories I've read about how you guys originally decided to become Tanya Morgan. How exactly did it come about?

Von Pea: It was us, Foreign Exchange, Little Brother, and a couple other guys, and we were all on Okayplayer -- this was before the blogs and before MySpace. So we decided to put music on Okayplayer to share with the other artists, in an effort to get a footprint in the game. It was through necessity if we wanted to work together. None of us had the money to go to North Carolina or Cincinnati, and certainly not the Netherlands.

Don: It was a bunch of people interested in the same kind of music. A person’s kind of interest and musical taste is important, and it was a place where we could discuss snare drums and studio gear. We were all just trying to find cost-effective ways to record our own material, and that’s what led to me and Von talking in the first place. We’d sit around and discover production tools and discover that camaraderie.

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