Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gino Green Global Co-Sponsors Brooklyn Ink's rolling RV!!

YES YALL we don't stop! We have partnered with Brooklyn INK, a favorite spot of Gino Green. Brooklyn INK is located in Brooklyn, NY at 1626 Bedford Ave. and it houses a really talented artist by the simple name of "AL" – he has gotten creative on Prince's face as seen on www.ginogreengloballive.com (check that out!).

Outside of just having the parlor, there is a rolling RV available for on the spot tattoos and private "tattoo" parties! All summer long keep your eyes open for the truck; you never know who's going to be hoppin' on or off. There will be some of the flyest DJ'S spinning the hottest tunes as we move about the city on the RV, FRESH giveaways will be provided by Gino Green Global- we'll be all over NYC and poppin' up at numerous events!

So much in store for us and such little time to keep you all posted so keep following us -Twitter, Facebook, Myspace - you know the deal!

We have a special giveaway for our 250th follower, just an F.Y.I!

Oh yeah! We loved Miami so much our past visit, that we are heading back down with the RV for MEMORIAL WEEKEND its gonna be so "Green" down there! Catch us if you can!
(from press release)

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  1. True works of art! I can't believe I had never heard of this designer before, and now it was a trend.

    Justin of wholesale gino green global