Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paul Wall & Chamillionaire: Swishahouse Movement Rocks Texas Once Again At SXSW 2010

via the Boston Phoenix

Dem Texas boys support their own. I’m pretty sure that every rapper from within 100 miles of this motherf**ker was at La Zona Rosa for the Paul Wall and Chamillionaire reunion. I’m still semi-blinded from the light dancing off all the cheap bling.

But first a little back story. Four years ago I was down here with my homeys from; needless to say there was nary a southern rap enthusiast among us. Still, I felt it only appropriate to hit a UGK show that was about a 15 minute walk from downtown Austin.

While they won’t admit it now – what with everyone (including me) being on Bun B’s d**k – none of my hateriffic friends cared to venture out with me. As a punishment they missed not only an opportunity to check Pimp C before he passed, but also an opening act with a hook that went, ‘Meet me at the Circle K and wait by the pay phone.’

Why this story? Because it was what compelled me to pass up mad shit and roll to the Paul Wall-Chamillionaire blast off. When my grandkids ask about this moment in rap history, I’d like to be able to tell them that I sniffed meth off a hooker’s tw*t backstage.

So there I was. No hooker; no rails; but a noteworthy onslaught nonetheless. These are without a doubt my two favorite Texas rappers (because they can actually spit) and I’m not the only one who packs that sentiment.

Sure – dudes could have been a bit more prepared, but the spontaneity was part of the attraction. Though hysterically hyped, this was hardly overblown to Hurt Locker proportions (that flick was boring as f**k, by the way).

So that was my when in Rome sh*t. Don’t worry East Coast snobs – today will be filled with nothing but lyrical miracles.

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