Monday, March 15, 2010

Bun B Profiled For SXSW 2010 News Story


via KIAH-TV Houston 39 News

For music fans, South by Southwest is the chance to catch future stars of the music scene. But for bands, it's the chance of a lifetime that could turn them from amateurs to worldwide sensations almost overnight.

The South by Southwest Music Festival kicks off in Austin this week.

Seven of the bands officially playing are from Houston, and countless other acts will make the trip and play unofficial gigs. Musicians say just being in Austin for this is the biggest opportunity of the year.

Houston rapper Bun B has a song called "It Was All a Dream." It's about his early dream to one day be a successful rapper. After 18 years of cutting albums he's reached those successes, many of which started just down the road in Austin.

"I've gotten untold concerts around the country, my first national tour with a corporate sponsor I was able to book from South by Southwest. My first overseas tour was because promoters came to South by Southwest," said Bun B, whose real name is Bernard Freeman.

Bun B said even after all these years, getting invited to South by Southwest is still a huge honor and opportunity.

"There are opportunities out the wazzoo at this place man," said Bun B. "South by Southwest is the biggest music festival on the planet. It gives you an opportunity to perform in front of different people, people you may not have been able to perform for, so it helps you expand your sound."

Bun B takes the mic. Wednesday.

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