Sunday, April 10, 2011

WAX At The Viper Room - April 7th, 2011 Concert Recap

I had the privilege to check out up and coming artist WAX live at the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA on Thursday April 7th, 2011.

WAX has been making some noise on L.A. scene for some time now with his latest mixtape Scrublife hosted by DJ Skee and most recently landing a record deal with Island/ Def Jam.

Coming from Orange County and considering the Southern California freeways around rush hour, the traffic can be unpredictable. To my relief, I arrived at the club an hour early, as a line was already 50 people deep and had wrapped around the building. As the night progressed, the club began to turn people away because the Viper Room was at over capacity, completely SOLD OUT! This was a mark of a good sign.

WAX's tribe included hip hop lovers, skaters, hipsters and all serious music people in the know. Even Hollywood was represented with actors Breckin Meyer and Mario Van Peebles in attendance. Confirmed - All that were present knew things were about to jump off with an exclusive live performance with WAX!

WAX didn't waste any time as he hit the stage performing RED the lead track off of his Scrublife mixtape (see video atop), then diving into the mercurial track Music and Liquor complete with an infectious spaghetti western whistle accompaniment provided by DJ Zoe on the 1s and 2s (see video above).

The audience ate up WAX's lyrical prose and energy as if it was biblical mana, intense.

WAX showed that he was not just a rapper and broke out his newly purchased six-string acoustic guitar, then he proceeded to tear into some Sublime-esque rhymes and rhythms. His first solo acoustic treat, She Used To Be Mine. Yeah the song is crass and crude, but robust with humor of the horror finding out your girlfriend (now WAX's ex-girlfriend) is leading a secret porn life with a 9 piece Salsa band.

With its Weezer song-along like sensibilities, WAX searches for heartbreak no more with the ditty No More Love Songs.

WAX had more musical tricks up his sleeve. His live band Dat Azz and ever faithful female back-up singers' the 2-Lips, WAX approached another epoch of his live set that blended every modern musical hybrid you can think of, done ala WAX style. Take a view and listen below.

I can easily see WAX on the Warp Tour as a break out artist, easy. Now let's get Kevin Lyman on the phone immediately and get this kid on.

WAX's musical content consists of music, broken relationships, anger, Kush, alcohol, good times with your bro's, lady friends and neighbors, but not exclusively in that order and not limited to either. From WAX's 40+ min performance, you get the sense he's edging for more new song writing and live adventures, guaranteed. And with the Cali lifestyle backdrop intact we almost wished we could live in WAX's world all-day, everyday. Amen to dat.

More info on and to download WAX's Scrublife mixtape hosted by DJ Skee HERE

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  1. Great night! Wax was ill as fuck, but Dumbfounded is unbelievable!!!!