Friday, September 10, 2010

Jay Electronica Performance Live At The Key Club, West Hollywood Show Recap

Last night, I had the privilege to check out Jay Electronica performing live in West Hollywood, California at the Key Club. Back in April, I witnessed Jay on the Paid Dues Festival concert stop, but was looking forward to a more intimate show that a smaller venue provides. I arrived at the club at 11:30 pm and security checked me relatively quick, as most people were in the club already. With no lines to worry about, I got in and worked my way up to a good vantage point to witness Jay's well reputed show. The club was packed to the brill and the crowd was ready for whatever Jay was going to throw their way, lyrically and spiritually. Yes, this was hip hop church and the parishioners were more than ready to receive Jay's sermon.

Jay arrived on stage and started with the Just Blaze produced track 'Dear Moleskine' (view below)

Current Los Angeles Clippers and former Hornets' NBA player Baron Davis was in the VIP section within a mere foot from me. Baron and his crew were evenly placed and had a bird's eye view of Jay Electronica's on stage performance. Jay mention that Baron was in the building several times, as well.

Then Jay broke out a new song that he didn't perform per se, but gave the crowd a brief taste. Jay let everyone know that he would unleash this new diddy on his Birthday, September 19th. (view above)

Then the real action started as Jay invited everyone on stage while he performed 'Exibit A', 'Exibit C' and other tracks. A bold move on Jay's behalf, but the audience loved it. (view at top, above and below)

After Jay jumped into the crowd performing his last song, it seemed like he turned into hip hop's version of Harry Houdini because 'poof' all of the sudden he was gone - which abruptly concluded the show. The show clocked in around 45 min. I wouldn't necessarily say I was short changed by the short set. As with a professional act as Jay Electronica comes, what also comes with it is the hype builder component too, by leaving us wanting more. And we certainly did.

Check out another fan xIgnantx, who was also at the show photo link:

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  1. Greetings.
    Nice review of the show. It was certainly dope.
    I am messaging you to show you that there was more to the show than what you witnessed.
    More to the show than what the flyer even mentions.
    here is footage of my set. I was the first opening act.
    one day I will be the main act.

    thank you for checking it out..