Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bei Major: Songwriter, Artist & Producer Interview

via the Seattle Post Intelligencer

SPI: Although you started producing at the age of 16, I found it very motivating that you were able to juggle this career during your time at the University of Michigan. How challenging was it to balance school work with your production work?

Bei Major: Well first, thank you, bro, for that. That means a lot. I'm working a lot on just trying to keep everything going, so it's cool just to have these opportunities. So thank you for that.

As far as the college thing, that was the best time of my life. It was just the craziest experience, because on one end, I was at the University of Michigan, which is a prestigious school with all of these kids coming from around the world to go there. Then I had a whole other life of doing music. So I literally would be coming off a plane from Vegas to L.A. and going to midterms. Like leaving after school, going and working with some pretty big artists. So that was cool. I had to practice in my dorm room. I had all of that. It was like two worlds meeting at once, which was amazing.

Honestly, I'm trying to think if there's anyone who has had that exact experience and I can't think of it, because it was just so weird. Not that I was on the top level of either side, but just doing them at the same time was really strange. College can be like a full-time thing, and then doing music can be also a full-time thing, so I feel like I probably didn't sleep at all for those couple of years. But it was cool. It worked out. I learned a lot about balancing. I learned a lot about discipline. I learned what it takes to really go after something that you want to do. That was the main thing, to learn from that and just being able to meet so many cool people all over, travel and just really be able to do it all. It's awesome.

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