Friday, December 17, 2010

Jim Jonsin Settles Lil Wayne 'Lollipop' Royalty Issues

There must be something in the air, earlier in the week the Bangladesh produced track for Lil Wayne “6′ 7″ leaked on the internet. At first something was a muck, since Bangladesh was bent out of shape for not getting paid for his major contribution to Wayne‘s ‘Tha Carter III”, for the ‘A Milli’ track. But it appears that things are peaches and creme between Bangladesh and the Cash Money crew. Also in the creme, producer Jim Jonsin as he states in a interview with the Broward Palm Beach Times. Read below.
We worked out an arrangement. They’re giving me some money now, and will pay the balance in the first or second quarter next year. I never had an issue with Wayne, he and I were cool. It’s just there was some confusion owing to [clearance issues with] a sample from another song I made for him ["I Feel Like Dying"]. There’s never been hard feelings between me and him.

Glad to hear that things are cleared up. We just need to hear from producers Play-N-Skillz if their situation is cleared as well for their song contribution ‘Got Money.’ Either way, it’s all good!

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