Thursday, January 14, 2010

Theophilus London - 'Humdrum Town' Video Play Widget + Free Download Now Available

from press release

Brooklyn rapper, songwriter and producer Theophilus London today releases the new video for his debut single "Humdrum Town." Available as a free download exclusively on Green Label Sound, "Humdrum Town" showcases London's signature blend of electro, hip-hop, soul and pop.

"I was watching and listening to a lot of melancholy Marvin Gaye songs and videos," commented Theophilus London about the video concept. "A lot of inspiration came from there. I always thought of what my first video would be like when I got started into music and I feel really good about this one."

Directed by Ben Fries, who also directed the "I Will Come Back" video for fellow Brooklynites Holy Ghost!, "Humdrum Town" is a unique story split between two parallel narratives. Shot in various locations throughout New York City, narrative one is a traditional story that follows the journey of our main character Theophilus through cityscapes to an unknown bar and narrative two is a traditional "videoke" film also set to "Humdrum Town". Over the course of the video, both stories merge to bring the two moments in time together.

"We based the look of the karaoke bar on the bar from Scorsese's Mean Streets and lit it hard red," said director Ben Fries about the shoot. "Most of the karaoke extras in the video where people that we met while scouting karaoke bar locations. We had a really early call for the karaoke shoot and we got the sloppy late night karaoke vibe going at 5am. There was a really good vibe on set."

The FREE download of 'Humdrum Town' here:
Theophilus London - 'Humdrum Town'

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