Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jay-Z got game as Roc Nation lands two homes Atlantic Records and Sony Music

Despite the Atlantic Records deal being a one off with 'Blueprint 3' (announced earlier this month) and Sony Music (it is speculated under the Epic Records imprint) for the overall distribution of Roc Nation, it's a one of kind arrangement that only Jay-Z and his team could carve out.

"Sony is Roc Nation. That's where Roc Nation's going through," Jay-Z told Billboard.com on Friday (June 29).

As for the deal he recently signed with Atlantic, he clarifies that it is a one-off situation for his upcoming album, "Blueprint 3," slated for a September 11th release.

"That's pretty much just for this specific album. Roc Nation -- we're experts in marketing and making records. But we do distribution deals," he says. "On this one, we're working directly with the Atlantic staff, which is Julie [Greenwald], Lyor [Cohen], Kevin [Liles] and Kyse [Mike Kyser]. For the rest of the Roc Nation artists, we did a distribution deal with Sony."

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(courtesy of Billboard)

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