Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson product running low

As with every major music star that dies there is inevitably a run on product. Michael Jackson is no exception. Sony Music is scrambling to press up more product and get out all available stock to retailers, the ones that are still around.

(from Billboard Biz)
Michael Jackson is arguably the biggest star to die during the SoundScan era and its expected that his physical catalog, much like his digital sales, will receive a huge sales boost next week from his untimely death.

Retailers and Sony Music are anticipating the rush and working to ensure Jackson's catalog is available in stores. Sources at Sony tell Billboard that more than one million copies of his albums have been ordered by retail outlets around the country since last night. Employees at Sony's pressing plants in Pitman, N.J., and Terre Haute, Ind., are being told to plan on overtime work as the plants will be running over the weekend.

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