Sunday, June 21, 2009

Maxwell: BLACKsummers' night album preview

As July 7 approaches, there is one release marking our calendars for quite some time Maxwell's 'BLACKsummers' night'. This being the first part of a trilogy from Maxwell that is surely poised to go straight to number one. Our friend to Hooked On That Keleigh Starr gives us her feedback to one of the most anticipated releases of 2009.

Not many things motivate me to spend time writing a review but Maxwell is one of those things so I thought I would share my thoughts since this is going to be the first HUGE R&B release of 2009.

Track #1 "Bad Habits"
This is typical strong Maxwell. The sound will be totally familiar and the track is a "grown and sexy" kinda funky. I can totally see rolling down Wilshire in the Lex with the sun roof open singing my head off to this one. Towards the end I can so hear the Marvin Gaye influence for just a quick second. The band is funky on this one.

Track #2 " Cold"
At the open I so hear Prince in this one. The rhythm reminds me of a lot of Prince stuff. This is another one that if an up tempo funk kinda "get your roll on" track. Not the strongest vocals from Maxwell on this one but still fairly solid.

Track #3 "Fistful of Tears"
Mid tempo with an interesting strip down piano background. The lyrics are about him getting his woman to act right and honestly I just didn't feel the usual emotion that I feel from him. This track is good but from Maxwell I NEED GREATNESS and this ain't it for me. For the average person it will work but loving music daily like I do I need that song that makes me cry time after time and this wasn't it.

Track #4 "Help Somebody"
Another up tempo track but this one didn't make me want to jump in the car and open the sun roof like the 1st 2 did. I do appreciate the content of the song but I felt like the message got lost because the track is very "involved" and the instruments are powerful. Make sure you play this one and listen to the message. We could all do more of this.

Track # 5 "Love You"
This one totally did not move me.....not vocals, content, or track......

Track # 6 "Phoenix Rise"
With a 9 track album I need you not to have one of them be an instrumental lol. This reminds me of a Quik's Groove type break. Nice but I wanna hear that voice that makes you want to throw your panties on the stage......Ya Feel Me lol!

Track #7 "Playing Possum"
OK so we reach the first ballad........ Love the lyrics and the vocals but again I am not feeling the passion I usually feel from him. Its almost mechanic and although it sounds good I am the kind of person who needs it to move me to emotion. Do I like it yes.... but its not all that I needed from the 1st ballad.

Track # 8 "Pretty Wings"
We have all heard this one and it was always OK with me.......

Track # 9 "Stop The World"
I like this one! It makes me want to break out the Seven Sister wine, candles, and find a man worthy of my time lol! I ALMOST feel the passion in this one but regardless it just works! This would be a good video. ALL MEN SHOULD THINK LIKE THIS!

So all in all the album IS INDEED SOLID. I think most will be glad to hear his voice again because he doesn't sound like he's been away for years at all. He sounds STRONG. Is this the great come back that will blow you away no but its TOTALLY worth your money.

-Keleigh Starr

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