Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sean Garrett: Singer, Songwritter & Music Producer Interview

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Blog Critics: In addition to being a singer and songwriter, you are also a producer. At what particular point did you start playing the keys?

Sean Garrett: You know what’s so ironic about my production — my production was probably the last thing that I started doing. Production was the last thing I did because I was always studying music. And as an artist, I kind of did things backwards. I was an artist first, and then my songwriting started to just really flourish, and then fooling around with being a producer and being an artist was coming along at the same time. So, I think the first thing was definitely my beginning as an artist and knowing that that was my calling — was the point of me knowing that I had a big career as a songwriter, artist, and producer.

Blog Critics: Why do you think that your evolution followed that path?

Sean Garrett: I think because of the passion that I have for music, period. Some of my favorite artists were singers, songwriters and performers — like Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Elton John — they’re people that actually performed the music they wrote. So, that’s definitely the route that I’m taking because that’s what my passion is. I write songs that I feel are great songs, but I feel like only I can perform them and pull them off the way that I feel like they should be performed or written or actually sung. Sometimes it’s a little difficult when you have a song you want to try — you’ve got to try different things. I’m always trying different things. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to push a new artist or an artist that’s been in the game for a long time to do things that they’re not usually used to doing.

Blog Critics: Within the industry, you are known as “The Pen,” which is a nickname that Jay-Z gave you. Was this nickname given in response to a particular accomplishment?

Sean Garrett: Oh, wow! It was a number of things, when I think about it. Yeah, it definitely spoke to my accomplishments, but I’ve also worked really, really close with his wife, BeyoncĂ©, and I’ve written quite a few big hits for her. So, I think it would have a combination of us, our relationship, in each other all the time. I would always look for his approval when I did a job for her that was crazy. The first hit I ever did for Destiny’s Child was “Soldier.” That record was kind of hood, you know what I’m saying? Something that Jay-Z could respect. And overall, I contributed nine songs to Destiny Fulfilled, which was really huge for me. And after that, I wrote six for Beyonce’s B’Day album.

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