Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Interview With Mack 10

via BallerStatus It's been a minute since we got a chance to hear a new studio album from you. Why such the long delay and what have you been doing in your time away?

Mack 10: I just had to really sit back and evaluate the game for a minute. I had to step back and take a good look. Sometimes you got to step away and look and then reevaluate sh** and re-up, you know what I mean? I went through a couple of things on the personal side, like divorce and all kinds of other sh**. Once that was behind me, I was able to focus on music again and move forward. My album is a good record and I'm very happy with it, and I look like I ain't never left, ya dig? So I'm good with it. How do you feel about how that last studio album was received by the fans and the critics?

Mack 10: I don't know, but I was going through something in my life where that wasn't my best work. But, I got a classic record off of that album and that's the record I call "Testimony". That's a classic, that was the second biggest radio single of my career. I was able to get a classic off of it, but this record right here is a totally different album and it's an album that ... I don't know I just think everybody is going to be pretty impressed with it.

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Mack 10 "Soft White" in stores September 29
on Hoo Bangin/Cash Money/Universal

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