Monday, December 14, 2009

Ice Cube Brings The House (Of Blues) Down In Hollywood, CA Concert Recap

photo courtesy of Timothy Norris / L.A. Weekly

As reported by Daiana Feuer at the L.A. Weekly

Twenty-plus years into the game, Ice Cube has figured out at least a few things about the rap performance. He's perfected the rapper-on-stage routine with minimal extras (no fire, video, bitches, or shirt-ripping -- just a backup dude, (WC) Dub-C, oh, and an umbrella with pre-glued droplets for one song), can make a crowd wait two hours and forty five minutes (at least) for his show without any apology. And, most important, he knows how to 'Put your back into it,' pointing at your wifey in the VIP section as romantic gesture.

Read the full concert review with more photos here:
L.A. Weekly - Ice Cube at the House of Blues: From Compton to 'Cribs'

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