Monday, December 14, 2009

Maxwell Explains His Departure And Come Back

via CNN

CNN: While you were away, it was easy to think you were gone because of something troublesome.

Maxwell: When there's no information, people create whatever they want.

CNN: You're very mysterious.

Maxwell: Am I?

CNN: People don't know a whole lot about your life, except for what you write in lyrics.

Maxwell: I feel like there's a healthy separation, and I think that it really helps me to have something to say and to not make a spectacle of my day-to-day.
I'm not big on reality shows, when they know what toothbrush you use and what soap; all those things that are commonplace now in terms of how people sort of see celebrities. I feel like I'm real old-school that way. I love mystique.
I love people like Harrison Ford. He'll make his movies, and then he'll go do his thing, and I think people just leave him to himself. I've seen celebrities -- and I'm talking about big-time people -- literally get off a plane, grab their own luggage, rent a car and drive themselves home.
I love the fact that I don't always have to be "on" for my friends. And then when it's time to get on stage, it's that other person that kind of comes into the formation. I like those two distinctive worlds.

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