Friday, December 18, 2009

Lil Wayne Takes Center Stage At Dodge Arena Texas Concert Recap

Lil Wayne first concert date of his tour before he heads off to jail in February 2010.

As reported by Zack Quaintance at The Monitor

Lil’ Wayne played for about an hour and a half Thursday (Dec. 17) at Dodge Arena, playing hits that included “A Milli,” “Mr. Carter,” and “Lollipop.” There’s a perception that hip hop as a genre doesn’t translate well to live shows. That’s not the case with Wayne. Instead of the standard show – featuring a rapper, hype man, and DJ — Wayne brought the band and a collection of guests. He did things his way, and it’s the same way he has gained such a massive following.

Think back three or four years ago, when artists still made a fair amount of money selling records. In those days, Wayne was busy making about a billion mix tapes and distributing them for free. Why would he do such a thing?

Possibly because he envisioned this day — where he would stand on stages at places like the Dodge Arena. He would slap hands with people in the front row as thousands chanted “Weezy, Weezy, Weezy.”

He seemed especially pleased when he delved into rock, a genre Wayne often tinkers with. Even though he had the excellent band behind him, Wayne played electric guitar himself for a couple songs, including a cover of Aerosmith and Run D.M.C.’s “Walk This Way.”

The crowd erupted when he slung the axe over his shoulder. Wayne’s guitar skills are debatable. He looked like a kid at a high school talent show concentrating intensely on every note. But that wasn’t the point. Weezy was having a blast up there and doing whatever he felt like. The feeling carried over to the audience.

People stood on chairs, waved their arms and cheered every time he looked their way. A superstar with the world watching him had come to South Texas, and he loved every second of it. They couldn’t help but thank him.

Read the full concert review here:
The Monitor - Lil' Wayne puts on larger-than-life show at Dodge Arena

The Monitor

more fan shot footage below.

Lil Wayne Tour Dates:

Dec. 18 (Friday) – Laredo Entertainment Center - Laredo, TX
Dec. 20 (Sunday) – American Bank Center - Corpus Christi, TX
Dec. 26 (Saturday) – Phillips Arena - Atlanta, GA
Dec. 28 (Monday) – New Orleans Arena - New Orleans, LA
Dec. 31 (Thursday) -San Diego Arena - San Diego, CA
Jan. 1 (Friday) – Don Haskins Arena - El Paso, TX
Jan. 2 (Saturday) -Tucson Convention Center - Tucson, AZ
Jan. 5 (Tuesday) – Ford Park Arena - Beaumont, TX
Jan. 6 (Wednesday) – Travis County Expo - Austin, TX
Jan. 7 (Thursday) – Allen Events Center - Allen, TX
Jan. 8 (Friday) – Cajun Dome - Lafayette, LA
Jan. 9 (Saturday) – Alltell Arena - Little Rock, AR
Jan. 10 (Sunday) – Desoto Civic Center - Southaven, MS

(video courtesy of K3vinBacon & mandy14465)

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