Monday, December 14, 2009

Ice Cube Goes Off In Anaheim, CA Concert Recap

As reported by Nate Jackson at the OC Weekly

"Surreal" doesn't even begin to describe the feeling that comes from standing an arms length away from Ice Cube at last night's show (Sunday, Dec. 13) at the Grove of Anaheim. In the roaring darkness punctuated by flashing cameras, the aura of rap's grittiest gangster rapper-turned-actor is palpable seconds before the show explodes with blaring stage lights and gunshot blasts from the DJ booth.

Strutting on stage with longtime friend and collaborator W.C. ( Dub-C) of West Side Connection, Cube's arrival was met with a hero's welcome after an hour and a half anticipation. It has been over a year since the release of Cube's latest album, Raw Footage, and by most accounts, the Grand Wizard opted to make this a night of gangster classics, allowing his fans to relive his rise to fame hit after hit, jam after jam.
As the sub woofers of the DJ Booth blasted with bone rattling bass, Cube opened with a viable list of classics that included "How to Survive in South Central", "Hello" and "Natural Born Killaz" as a gathering storm of chronic mist rose from different sections of the shadows. At various points, Cube and W.C. were satisfied with the deafening crowd response, often pausing to salute fans with a trademark gangsta grimace. Even after almost three decades of watching Cube and his crew rap from the gut about street life and West Coast hustle, his booming voice still sent chills through the audience as he punctuated the end of venerable 90s jams like "Check Yo Self" with the night's trademark phase: "Hell mutha f**kin' yeah!"

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Orange County Register

(video courtesy of mrsjimenez678)

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