Monday, December 14, 2009

U-N-I List Their 5 Highlights Of 2009 With The Los Angeles Times + Interview

L.A. Times: What were the five highlights of your 2009?

1.The tour we just did with Warren G, Kidz in the Hall and Curtains and we had a ball together. It was so much fun. There were a bunch of us on one bus and you’d think we’d get on each other’s nerves and fight, but every drive was jokes, conversations about music and life. It was crazy how well we got along.

2.The single deal we did with Green Label sound to release “Land of the Kings.”

3. Hosting MTV’s “Sucker Free.”

4.Getting our first merchandise made: "Land of the Kings" T-shirts and hats.

5. Going overseas to Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic and London. It was a great experience to see our fans reciting our lyrics in English, a language that many of them didn’t even understand.

Read this and their interview here:
L.A. Times - U-N-I but not uniform: The Inglewood rap duo discusses its unique style, stage diving and a love supreme

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