Monday, May 10, 2010

Fred Wreck: West Coast Music Producer DubCNN Interview

Dubcnn: Dubcnn is in Dubai with Fred Wreck!

Fredwreck: Dubcnn! We back!

Dubcnn: We had to come out here to find Fred Wreck, cause you can't get him any other way. What's going on with you man?

Fredwreck: Just enjoying my time out here, trying to work and do something new and exciting. But I be checking in on you guys! I be on there on, checking up what's going on on the scene!

Dubcnn: Alright, so let's get right into it, what's going on with you musically?

Fredwreck: I've been out here in Dubai, I've been doing a few things back in the States with Kurupt and Mack 10 and things like that, but mostly I've been out here doing TV productions, just trying to do something different. Doing Arabic music, helping the Arabic Hip-Hop scene out here, there's a lot of really talented Arabic artists out here so I've been here starting new, just to get away a little bit.

Dubcnn: Who should we be checking for?

Fredwreck: I've got this artist from Lebanon, her name is Maleka, she's incredible, her album is coming pretty soon. Then I'm working on the Arabian Knights album out of Egypt. Those guys are like the Arabic Wu-Tang Clan, so they're really cool man, they've got some really good records.

Dubcnn: But what you're most known for is making that funky West Coat music. Can we expect to hear anything new?

Fredwreck: I mean, the West Coast scene is beautiful, it's there, I've just been out here doing my thing. I've been keeping up on the internet, seeing what's going on, but the music business hasn't been the greatest out there and the budgets ain't the same. I'm kind of stubborn about recording music for less than my rate, so here I am! But me and Kurupt have been working on some things here and there over the internet, but I'll be back out there. Everybody needs a break. *laughs*

Dubcnn: One of the greatest projects that, to me, you were a part of, is "Space Boogie". Kurupt was recently telling me that he's supposed to do a whole album with you called "The History Of Violence"?

Fredwreck: Yeah. I hope so, we started recording actually before I left, we did like 4 of 5 songs. Then he kind of went and did his thing with DJ Quik, which was awesome. They just said he got rated Top 4 album in the New York Times of last year or something. So that's really good. Kurupt is always doing something, so I ain't never have to worry about him. Me and his chemistry, we kind of save it. If we do 4 or 5 songs, we're not really trying to leak stuff out, because we're trying to make masterpieces. It's like Dre and Snoop, Daz and Kurupt, Soopafly. We just wanna make sure everything is right. We're at that stage where we don't gotta just put stuff out if it's not gonna make sense.

Read the full interview text from the above video here:
Fred Wreck - Dub CNN Interview

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