Thursday, May 6, 2010

George Robles: Rocawear’s Creative Director SoJones Interview

SoJones: So what’s a typical day like for a creative director for Rocawear?

George Robles: A typical day for me is never typical. For example, I may have to come up with a theme for the new collection, which involves a new color palette, graphics, denim washes, labels, and overseeing my team of designers to make sure we’re all on the same wavelength aesthetically.

It could also involve travel to another country to oversee production of the collection, choosing fabrics, or a dozen e-mails and phone calls from people with questions that have to answered in a timely manner. Deadlines can be gruesome and keep you working around the clock.

My job changes from day to day & being able to multi-task and stay focused is a must.

SoJones: What two celebrities or music artists are just on point with their fashion game right now?

George Robles: Jay-Z is the inspiration behind every Rocawear collection and he’s definitely on top of his fashion game right now. From his denim to his suits, he is an all around fashion icon.

Kanye West for his individuality and his growth in the fashion game. He mixes all types of fashion up and still pulls it off with a cocky swagger that makes people follow his lead. He still represents hip-hop fashion but he has taken it to a higher level creatively, which is something that I respect as a designer. Not just anyone can get a deal to design for Louis Vuitton and star in the ad campaigns. That is just not heard of…

Read the full interview here:
SoJones - George Robles

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