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Kool Keith releasing Lost Masters Vol.3 collection August 4

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3 Disc Set, 50 Songs From The Vaults Including The All New Volume 3

Kool Keith "Lost Masters Collection" Volume 3 on August 4th through DMAFT Records/Oglio Records. A 3 disc set, 50 songs from the vaults including the all new . Full album official ring tones are also available for the first time for Kool Keith.

Los Angeles CA (Vocus/PRWEB ) July 10, 2009 -- Kool Keith is set to launch the epic Lost Masters Collection on August 4th through DMAFT Records/Oglio Records, a Fontana/Universal distributed label. The legend, the cult icon, the genius, the enigma, the spankmaster, the doctors, the man with 1,000 personalities celebrates his on-going Lost Masters series with a special three CD set. The all new Lost Masters Volume 3 combined with the re-issues Lost Masters Volume 1 and Volume 2 as special bonus discs in collectable DigiPak packaging. Kool Keith is releasing three discs of music, 50 tracks, for a single disc price to give back to his fans for years of support.

The first single and video from the Lost Masters Collection is "Laid Back In The Sun" (video directed by GrandFather Greenbacks). Kool Keith ring tones are available for all three Lost Masters releases (and all his DMAFT Records releases). DMAFT Records, an Oglio Entertainment Group Inc. label, has been a consistent home base for Kool Keith, releasing his Lost Masters series, the Diesel Truckers project, his return with the legendary Ultramagnetic MC's and a related project, the Siamese Sex Show.

Volume 1 Track Listing
1) Tess Sh*t
2) Baby Baby
3) You Can't Go Outside
4) Robert Perry
5) Freaks
6) Girls Want You
7) New York City
8) Sh*t Expands
9) Cleavage
10) Girl You Know
11) Telephone Girlfriend
12) Everybody Playin' Here
13) Taking Pictures
14) Gina Called
15) Same Sound
16) Trying To Talk To You

Volume 2 Track Listing
1) Move
2) Women Turn On your T.V.
3) She Likes Your Sex
4) Varoom
5) Can't F@#K Wit This
6) The Voo Doo
7) Feel About You
8) Kiss My Ass
9) Two Steps
10) Star Struck
11) No Stress
12) Tell 'em B*tch
13) I Want You To Be
14) 14th Song On The Album
15) Think You're Sexy
16) Iraqi Verse
17) Keep On Jumpin'
18) Dark Thought (outro)

Volume 3 Track Listing
1) I'm Nice
2) Dance For You
3) Real Gold
4) Laid Back In The Sun
5) I Am Computer
6) Botswana
7) California Fly
8) Dunk On Them
9) No Sucker
10) Magician
11) Space Center
12) Motel 6 Super 8
13) Your Phone
14) Maxithong
15) Tell Them How
16) Future Galaxy

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