Saturday, July 4, 2009

Spike Lee and cast celebrate the 20th Anniversary of "Do the Right Thing" at special film screening video, photos and article posted

In this video from the red carpet film screening, Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Rosie Perez and the cast from the film give us their recollections on what happened on the film set and their 20 year retrospective of "Do The Right Thing".

Photos from the screening:
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20 years after the release of Spike Lee's ground breaking film "Do The Right Thing", people far and wide are still discussing it's impact. Alumni Unit gives us this insightful article on the making of the film.

Spike Lee [Mookie], actor, writer, producer and director: New York City at that time was a very racially polarized environment, which I still feel was fueled by Mayor Ed Koch. The Howard Beach incident had happened, and I wanted to explore the love-hate relationship between African Americans and Italian Americans. I also wanted to do something that took place on the hottest day of the summer.

Ernest Dickerson, cinematographer: Spike and I were sitting together on a plane to Los Angeles and he was writing a script on a legal pad. The title at that point was “Heat Wave.” He then asked me, “How do you portray heat on film? How do you get the audience to really feel it?” I remember we talked about having car radiators boiling over, hot asphalt and steam.

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(article courtesy of Alumni Unit)

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