Thursday, December 3, 2009

Felt 'Felt 3: Tribute To Rosie Perez' Pitchfork Review

Felt - 'Felt 3: A Trubute To Rosie Perez' on Rhymesayers
5.8 rating

"Your favorite group that wasn't even a group to start!" Murs makes this claim on "Protagonists", the leadoff track from his collaboration with fellow indie MC all-star Slug, Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez, and despite the humility this is more indie hip-hop supergroup than mere side project. With Aesop Rock on production, Felt becomes a triangulation that canvasses almost the entirety of U.S. undie rap in terms of geography and affiliation. So why is this thing kind of a bummer?

It's got nothing to do with Aesop, whose beats go a long way toward invigorating Rosie Perez. Far from the gnarled and difficult production one might expect from a Def Jukie, Rosie Perez shows a good amount of sonic diversity while never straying too far from the sort of chunky, drum-knocking beats Murs and Slug typically rhyme over. You can't accuse Rosie Perez of being hookless: Even if Slug and Murs can't quite nail the double-time flows on "Felt Chewed Up", it's still nice to hear these guys do their own cheerleading over some pretty awesome turntable work, and the working man blues of "Like You" has an agile, back and forth vigor. The 21-deep tracklist is certainly foreboding, but the skit/interlude/instrumentals "Kevin Spacey" and "Get Cake" have a guileless charm that justify their inclusion.

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Pitchfork - Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez album review

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