Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Interview With Music Producer Hi-Tek

via Hip Hop DX

HipHopDX: How does this Reflection Eternal album compare to the first one?

Hi-Tek: I would say it compares in a way that it shows our experience and how we have grown since we did [Train Of Thought]. I wouldn’t try to say it is better or it’s [worse] than the first one, but we definitely in a different space. We haven’t slacked off with any skills, but it is 10 years later and we are working on an album together. My production has broadened, as have [Talib Kweli's] mic skills and lyrics. However, I wouldn’t compare it to the hunger on the first album, but the hunger is still there.

Hip Hop DX: Was it easy for you and him to make this album happen, as there was various rumors saying it might not happen?

Hi-Tek: It definitely wasn’t easy to go ahead with it and it may have been more on my part because I am not a touring artist. Talib, he tours 200 shows a year and I’m in the studio a lot. And on the flip-side, my ear has been trained so I am able to produce for a whole lot of other artists. I have been working with all these Interscope acts and then when it comes to something like Reflection Eternal, I have to go in and put down everything, to get back on that Kweli shit. A lot of the joints we have worked on and made together since we made the first Reflection Eternal have just been a case of me doing me and him doing him, not in Reflection Eternal mode the whole way. But when we want to go in and give back to the fans, we really have to go in and think about what we are giving to the people, and make sure we are relevant for the times.

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