Monday, December 7, 2009

Pitbull: Penn State Concert Recap

As reported by Alexandra Fletcher at Penn State's Daily Collegian Online

HUB Alumni Hall exploded with Latino flavor Friday night when Pitbull took the stage, showing off his dance moves and bringing excitement with high-energy sing-alongs.

"I want to know if Penn State knows how to move," Pitbull said as the crowd went wild to the artist's hit, "Boom, Shake, Drop."

The audience was entertained by local DJ Supernova while they waited for the performer. Pitbull ran onstage fashionably late in a suit and aviators as Alumni Hall roared with excitement. The artist kept the crowd moving throughout the hour-long set with a good mix of hits and non-stop energy.

Some of the hits included "Toma," "Fuego," "I Know You Want Me," "Mentirosa" and "Go Girl" which received a warm reception by the audience.

Pitbull told the crowd that it was time to party and take a break from the ins and outs of life.

"Everyone needs an escape," the artist said.

"Whether it's the economy or war or the motherf------ swine flu."

Pitbull never stopped moving throughout the entire set, demonstrating salsa moves and his own added touch of repeated pelvic thrusts. The rapper's enthusiasm moved through the crowd and kept listeners engaged throughout the entire evening.

The artist not only brought attention to partying but also his own Cuban culture, engaging in Spanish with the audience.

"We want to show everyone in the show where we're from, give you a piece of our culture," Pitbull said.

(video courtesy of chicana4l)

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