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Snoop 'Malice N Wonderland' & Travis Barker Co. Party In Hollywood Recap

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In celebration of two milestones -- 10 years in clothing biz and 10 albums deep in the game -- Travis Barker, his Famous Stars & Straps brand and rapper Snoop Dogg rocked Los Angeles on Tuesday (December 8) with a mega-party where the West Coast was in full effect.

Celebrities like DJ Quik, the Lakers' Lamar Odom, Rob Dyrdek, Tila Tequila, Pharrell, The Game, Joe Budden, and Mister Cartoon among others, came through to support the huge achievement.

Everyone finally made their way into the event, had some drinks and mingled. Then, late in the evening, Snoop (drapped in a long gray trench coat) and Travis (Barker) (rocking a sleeveless Famous tee) finally made their way to the stage to treat the crowd to a medley of songs. When the DJ announced Snoop's arrival, he hopped on stage immediately with his now-classic "The Next Episode" with Barker right on que providing the drums.

Shortly after, the rapper called out for singer Butch Cassidy. "How many people in the house got love for my n**** Nate Dogg? You know Butch Cassidy is his first cousin, so we gonna do a little song from Nate Dogg. It go a little something like this." The beat dropped for Snoop's classic "Ain't No Fun" off his debut, Doggystyle, and the crowd went wild. Cassidy jumped right into the first verse, originally sung by Nate who wasn't in attendence.

As the performance continued, Snoop and Travis brought out a slew of their collaborators and other West Coast acts. At one point, Pharrell (of the Neptunes) graced the stage to assist Snoop with his hits, "Beautiful" and "Drop It Like It's Hot." Later, Game checked it, breaking right into his collaboration with Barker on "Dope Boys," before spitting an off the dome freestyle.

DJ Quik performed "Tonite," while Kurupt dropped a freestyle or two, in addition to rocking verses from several Snoop gems.

If you were in the crowd, you probably also noticed newcomers like Problem, Nipsey Hussle, Tyga, and plenty of others on stage just vibing, lending a verse here and there, and laughing alongside big Snoop Dogg.

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