Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wiz Khalifa Brings The Energy To Penn State Hangout Spot (Show Recap)

As reported by Nick Weingartner at Penn State's Daily Collegian

Even though the snow was falling on State College on Tuesday night, it didn't stop Wiz Khalifa from flashing his chest.

To an audience full of tank-top wearing girls and boys with flat-rimmed hats, Khalifa brought the party to The Cell Block, 420 E. College Ave., and with an assault of sirens, demanded all hands in the air, and that the crowd "make some noise!"

Aaron Straker (senior-information sciences and technology), who saw Khalifa last week in Manhattan and twice before then, was excited to see him once again.

"It's a real uplifting, good vibe," Straker said. "He's real about the crowd, and plays the songs the want to hear."

Wearing a black Yankees cap, an "I Love New York" sweatshirt, and jeans that were being tugged strongly by gravity, Khalifa played songs like "Ink My Whole Body" and "Car Service".

The show had three openers, the first two, Rome and Rahim, were both student rappers and performed together, and the second was Kev the Hustler, who did not receive a great response from the crowd.

"The party just started," said Kev the Hustler to the crowd, "But it seems like it's tired."

Khalifa brought the party back to life shortly after, and as the crowd met his demand to raise their hands and to make noise, he started to dance to his music, getting the crowd to do the same.

More fan shot footage below.

(video courtesy of pavlick)

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