Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brotha Lynch Hung 'Dinner And A Movie' Coming March 23

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Warning: This may be the most disturbing piece of music ever…

(Los Angeles, CA) – Last year, Tech N9ne's indie powerhouse Strange Music welcomed BROTHA LYNCH HUNG into its growing family. On March 23, 2010, the King of Sacramento unveils the full-length album fans have been waiting for since 2003's Lynch by Inch.

Dinner and A Movie, the first of three concept albums BROTHA LYNCH HUNG will release via Strange Music, follows the life of a serial killer that's slaying rappers in the game. Building on his respect for scary cinemateurs like Rob Zombie and Wes Craven, BROTHA LYNCH HUNG theatrically showcases his own ability to switch on and off his double personality: regular guy by day, serial killer by night.

BROTHA LYNCH HUNG, aided by director Dan Gedman of Liquid 9 and :31, will present nine videos chronicling this madman's journey through all three albums. The first video, "Meat," introduces the troubled main character that eventually turns to the dark side. "I Plotted (My Next Murder)" will be posted online next, in which you witness the central character embrace his alter ego: the serial killing, mask-wearing Coat Hanga Strangla. By the time the third video, "Colostomy Bag," arrives, it becomes evident that the power of killing has seduced the rapper and behind the mask is where he wants to be.

Crafting three records in the form of three acts that comprise an audio drama, BROTHA LYNCH HUNG goes where no other rapper has gone before. In his online theater production, he pays homage to American Psycho – the sexuality of violence and the thrills of living a double life.

"This is the first time this has ever been done," assures Gedman. "We are visually bringing this character to life, and then Lynch is going to write the next two albums. It's an interactive process. Now he has to lyrically revisit the character and story, knowing what it all looks like."

Like each member of the Strange Music label, BROTHA LYNCH HUNG lives by a similarly intense, do-or-die, work ethic. Almost every year since his 1993 debut, 24 Deep, he has released a CD, and his total CD sales top 1.4 million. Impressive feats considering he has never been affiliated with a major label.

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