Friday, February 26, 2010

Black Eyed Peas At Madison Square Garden Video, Photos & After Party Concert Recap

Black Eyed Peas Madison Square Garden All Major Media Outlets Concert Reviews:

Love or hate this band, you've got to respect any act that can make the concrete bounce to the beat of their fans' devotion. Like Aerosmith, the Stones and The Who, the Peas have joined the roster of those who've literally rocked the Garden.

New York Post - Peas soup up the Garden

Like many groups anxious about their performing skills, the Peas amped up their bass lines and beats to murderous levels. The result flattened the melodies and halted any sense of momentum, which for dance music, spells death.

The staging did little to distract from the dirge. Based around a futurist motif - complete with outfits that made the group appear like rejected Transformers - the look matched the sound in its robotic chill.

New York Daily News - Clunky Madison Square Garden show is a black eye for Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas

It was pop’s latest sci-fi spectacle, in a lineage that dates back at least as far as Janet Jackson’s 1990 Rhythm Nation Tour and has lately yielded high-tech tours by Kanye West and Lady Gaga. While one purpose of a tour is to offer fans the physical, human presence of the stars, Black Eyed Peas are unabashed pop cyborgs — and that’s how the fans like them.

New York Times - Wired for Sound, and Everything Else

From the onset, when the four-person crew entered via platforms underneath the stage, to midway through the set when Will.I.Am freestyled rhymes based on text messages, the Peas put on a concert that was every bit as energetic as their pulsing tracks.

As the booming bass of "Let's Get It Started" drummed up, was the first BEP member to pop up onstage. He was soon followed by Taboo and Fergie. A billowing cloud of smoke enshrouded the stage as Will.I.Am joined his mates, complete with a "Phantom of the Opera"-like mask.

MTV - Black Eyed Peas Turn Up The Energy In NYC With Ludacris, LMFAO

As pure spectacle, the show often delivered. Robots! Lasers! Sequins! Masks! Leather! The futuristic theme was reminiscent of Kanye West’s 2008 Glow in the Dark tour, with the Peas’ party-all-the-time aesthetic in place of Kanye’s grandiose introspection. The sound mix made it difficult to discern the Peas’ lyrics at times, but that hardly mattered. We could certainly hear the all-important boom-boom-pow beats clearly enough. Visually, things stayed busy, even frenetic, with constant costume changes and scenery shifts to keep us entertained.

Entertainment Weekly - Black Eyed Peas bring that boom boom pow to NYC's Madison Square Garden

Photos from the show:
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And the BEP After Party covered by the New York Post

The Bacardi party at M2 after the Black Eyed Peas show at the Garden Wednesday night was a bigger event than the concert itself. The bandmates -- minus, who was a no-show -- gave a surprise performance at the Chelsea club, singing two of their songs, "Imma Be" and "Boom Boom Pow," for enthusiastic fans. also hopped behind the turntables while Fergie sang along to a mix of hip-hop songs. The Peas partied until 3:30 a.m.

Photos from the after party:
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Wire Image

(video courtesy of eladkatz & debsuzco)

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