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Mos Def Performs At Guvera Pre-Launch Party NYC With Video & Photos Posted

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(Thursday, February 18) , Guvera USA, Inc., held a Pre-Launch event at Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. This private event was attended by New York entertainment influencers and brand and agency executives. At the party, artists Mos Def, Jim Jones, Alice Cooper, Aaron Lewis, The Donnas, The Bravery and Marie Digby also helped to kick off the Guvera concept.

Guvera USA Inc., a search website for "free but paid for" music and digital content provided by brands, announced a new content partner, new licensing deals, an official March 30th launch date and the vision of delivering all forms of content with the Guvera model at the Pre-Launch event in New York City at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

Guvera launched in Australia in beta mode earlier this year approximately 60 days ago.The U.S. launch of Guvera coincides with the appearance of another ad-supported download site. Free All Music already launched its invite-only beta for U.S. users and has deals with Universal Music Group and EMI. The Australia-based company also announced at last night's event that it already has licensing deals with INgrooves, BMI, the Harry Fox Agency and SESAC. Universal Music Group, EMI and IODA had previously announced their involvement with Guvera.

A forty-five foot ice sculpture reading "Revolution" was the centerpiece of the party, representing the change of how media needs to be distributed into a future where everyone expects "free" but people still need to be paid.

Drake was originally supposed to be a speaker and a performer for the event but unfortunately, he was not able to make it there. Instead, to help kick off the launch event, Jim Jones and Mos Def took the stage as well as other acts such as Alice Cooper, The Donnas and Aaron Lewis (lead vocalist for 'Staind'). The artists not only performed but they also spoke about the importance of Guvera in the age of digital piracy and how it represents a powerful new alignment of music artists, music fans and commercial brands that benefits all parties involved.

Dan Thompson, Head of Content of Guvera Limited, commented, "We are so pleased to have such an incredible group of musicians and content partners such as INgrooves on board for our official US launch. SESAC, The Harry Fox Agency and BMI are all leaders in the licensing community and their commitments further enhance our efforts to combat piracy with a free and legal alternative to downloading and streaming." He added, "We also see a huge future in delivering film and television content, especially after the success of the Australian beta. We hope consumers, brands, musicians and content providers will all join and progress the revolution!"

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Photos from the event here:
Flickr - Photos by Kelly Samardak
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Star Traks Photo

(video courtesy of MsSanaArshad)

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