Tuesday, April 20, 2010

B.o.B. Live At Coachella 2010

Entertainment Weekly had this to say about Bobby Ray aka B.o.B.'s Coachella (Sunday, April 18) afternoon live set:
Deep bass rumbled through the field. “I just feel separated from you,” B.o.B said before climbing down toward the crowd to sing his jubilant hook from T.I.’s “Top of the World”: “I used to dream, oh, oh, about the money and the cars and girls/But now I sing, oh, oh, because I’m sitting on top of the world.” And with the second-biggest single in the country for weeks on end, he is, isn’t he? Soon B.o.B picked up a guitar to show off his rock chops. He’s a decent axeman, but only a couple of songs from this part of his set (“Don’t Let Me Fall,” “Satellite”) were at all memorable. At last he played that aforementioned No. 2 smash, “Nothin’ on You.” The crowd crooned along with his sweet-natured lyrics, a reminder of the pop platform that this unusual new star now has.
Photo links of B.o.B. performing at Coachella:
Getty Images
Film Magic

Download the audio from B.o.B.'s Coachella full live set courtesy of Young Kingz here:

B.o.B. Coachella 2010 Sunday, April 18 live set

more fan shot video below.

(video courtesy of the Qside & Kidcouture1)

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