Monday, April 26, 2010

Ja Rule DubCNN Interview

Interview transcript from the above video below:

Ja Rule: Yo.

Dubcnn: Thanks for being here. Alright so this weekend, apart from being Oscar weekend, It's also your birthday right?

Ja Rule: Yeah. Well my birthday actually passed, it's on the 29th.

Dubcnn: There's an event going in your honor. So tell us about that. You're in California right now instead of New York Obviously, so did you just come out for that?

Ja Rule: Yeah, just kind of came out to party you know? For the weekend.

Dubcnn: Cool so tell us what you been up to musically man, you got that album coming out soon, you got that new situation with Empire?

Ja Rule: Yeah I got my new label Empire. It's brand new artists, brand new everything. My project will be the first project coming out on Empire later on this year in the summer. The title of the album is Vetti Vecci 2010. It's a real good album.

Dubcnn: So obviously you're still affiliated with Murder Inc. right?

Ja Rule: Of course, of course, you didn't see the carpet?

Dubcnn: Yeah, tell us about this whole thing, this is dope.

Ja Rule: This is my L.A. Spot you know. We out in L.A. we lay back, kick it.

Dubcnn: So what made you decide to go with that name and kinda bring it full circle, after one of your classic albums? The 2010 Version of it.

Ja Rule: You know that's how I started with my first venture, Irv Gotti/Murder Inc. We set it off, and I feel like I've come full circle from then to now, and this is my new venture. My new company, and right now I'm sending a different message with Vinnie Vedidici 2010. The statement means he came, he saw he conquered. I've been through so much, ups and downs all over the place. It's been a good ride, you know what I'm sayin’? It's been a wild ride but it's been fun. But with this album I feel like I've conquered all those little obstacles that I had to get around, and now I'm ready to get this product out to the world again.

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