Monday, April 19, 2010

DJ Furious Styles 'Channel Surfing'

Showcasing the talents of these two upper Manhattan wordsmiths (Bobby & Komp'l), the project has added fuel to the persistent fire that encourages countless hours in the studio. "We have a lot of music to bring to the people," Komp'l explained. "Joining up with Furious on this tape was an honor and so far the response has been excellent so we plan on just keeping the momentum going."

We have spent so long in the studio planning and plotting our next moves," Bobby said. "You know we have probably the next eighteen months mapped out for us and it will soon be time for Bobby's World to be unleashed...people need to be ready for that one," he shared.

Download 'Channel Surfing' mixtape here:
DJ Furious Styles 'Channel Surfing'

03.Drop the world
04.Exhibit B
05.Gun Harmonizer
06.Hear Me Feel Me
07.Hunger In My Eyes
08.Great Idea
09.Help Is Coming
10.Get Silly
11.I Get It In
12.I'm illy freestyle
13.My Sh*t
15.I talk to the city
18.Speak French
19.Loneliest Day In My Life
20.We're Beamin
21.Oh Sh*t

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