Friday, April 2, 2010

DJ Skee's SkeeTox In Los Angeles Tonight!

First of it's kind, DJ Skee brings the mayhem with his first annual SkeeTox event touching down at the Vanguard tonight, with performances from Mike Posner, Cisco Adler and Ya Boy and many surprise guests.

Here's what the Los Angeles Times Pop & Hiss section has to say about SkeeTox ...

Whether you sport khakis and Chuck Taylors, backpacks and beanies, or flannels and designer frames, you'll find something tailored to you this weekend. One of the busiest two-day stretches in recent rap memory commences Friday night at Vanguard with DJ Skee's "Skeetox." Presented by popular KIIS FM and Sirius XM personality DJ Skee, "Skeetox" finds the nascent music mogul behind the turntables, backed by a seven-piece band and performances from Mike Posner, Cisco Adler and Ya Boy, plus undisclosed "huge big-name acts."

While Pop and Hiss has been sworn to secrecy upon threat of execution by a team of steroid-addled Ukrainian hammer throwers, those looking for hints might be well-served to scan the old Death Row discography and pick out a few of the more prominent names. In addition, rumors have swirled regarding names very familiar to those with subscriptions to The Fader. According to the news release, "Skeetox" will feature a full LED light wall and visual stage show -- "think Pink Floyd meets Nicki Minaj meets Lady Gaga." So basically, expect "The Muppet Show," but with more marijuana and rapping.

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