Saturday, April 17, 2010

Snoop Dogg Performs His Classics At The W Hotel 1st Anniversary Bash In Hoboken, NJ had this to say about the W Hotel 1st Anniversary Bash with Snoop performing on Thursday, April 15...

Well, it was an hour and a half after he was supposed to take the stage, but Snoop Dogg is finally doing his show here at the W hotel in Hoboken, which is celebrating its first anniversary with a celebrity bash.

Not surprisingly, the unmistakable smell of a certain contraband item wafted through the ballroom before Snoop Dogg took the stage, but no one in the room really seems to care.

The guests in the cheap seats, mostly people with ties to the fashion industry, danced to the deejay's selections beforehand. People in a roped off reserved section were waited on by waitresses while guards in suits kept the riffraff out.

Photo links with magician David Blaine, Ice-T & Coco and more in the house:
Getty Images
Rex Features 1
Rex Features 2
Star Traks Photo

more quality fan shot video below.

(video courtesy of az88sundevil & bslippert)

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