Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fat Joe 'The Darkside: Vol.1' Album Preview

Fat Joe The Darkside: Vol.1 on Terror Squad/E1 arrives July 27.

At last night's, Fat Joe The Darkside: Vol.1 listening session at Skyline Studios, NYC.

Tracks previewed are:
"If It Ain’t About Money ft. Trey Songz (prod. Cool & Dre)
“Intro - Welcome to the Darkside” (prod. Scram Jones )
“Valley Of Death” (prod. Cool & Dre )
“I Am Crack” (prod. Just Blaze )
“Kilo” ft. The Clipse and Cam’ron (prod. DJ Infamous)
“You Don’t Want No Problems” (prod. Scoop DeVille)
“How Did We Get Here” ft. R. Kelly (prod. Raw Uncut)
“Heavenly Father” ft. Lil Wayne (prod. Streetrunner)
“I’m Gone” (prod. DJ Premier)

Track details via Planet Ill
“Welcome to the Darkside” (Scram Jones production) features a few clever lines and hard production. Ends with “We gone throw the biggest party when Curtis die.” Draw your own conclusion.

Cool & Dre keep that flame hot on “Valley Of Death”. Very low bottoms, guitars, and loud ambient noise. Scorching hot.

Just Blaze gave Joe an immense, bottomless beat for “I Am Crack” and Joe delivers one of the all time gully songs speaking as the drug itself. “It’s Crack, baby minus the incubator.” Sick.

The “Kilo is 1000 grams” sample first flipped by Ghost is somersaulted by DJ Infamous on “Kilo” which features The Clipse and Cam’ron. Very, very ugly. Infamous bodies “Rappers Are In Danger” as well.

Scoop DeVille wrecks a Flash Gordon sample like his momma is in a basement with Bin Laden on the titanic “You Don’t Want No Problems”. You have to hear it to believe it. “Weezy On the Island where a Day feel Like A Milli”. More sickness.

R. Kelly drops by on “How Did We Get Here” returning to his more soulful delivery.

“Heavenly Father” feat Lil Wayne gets on Pun’s widow and deads any notion that he owes her anything.

DJ Premier-produced “I’m Gone” closes the album. It was produced the day Guru died and is triumphantly somber with punctuating piano but an immensely chunky string and hard drum create the perfect storm of malevolent sorrow.

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