Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Niceguys - 'Not At All' Ft. Jack Freeman (video)

About the video:

The Niceguys release their video for "Not At All", The first from their latest EP The Green Room. Filled with alcohol, girls, and even pyrotechnics, this video covers all the basic elements of a cliché hip-hop video. Luckily, The Niceguys are only poking fun at the mainstream, with over exaggerations of these clichés, clearly pointed out throughout the video. Free, one of two producers in self-contained Houston, Texas foursome, explains, "It's basically a satrical take on the art of making a hip hop video."

The concept of the video is satire, and like all good satire it's artfully done, as the song rightfully deserves. Although director Danny Ocean is clearly capable of making a mainstream hip-hop video, he chose, instead, to utilize his talents to make fun of them this time around. "I guess we wanted to show poeple that you can have fun and do you without compromising the quality of the product," says Ocean. "The beats will remain at a pristine level, and the lyrics will always amaze."

In fact, the video paints a perfect picture of what the whole song is about: making serious music, but having fun in doing so. Says Niceguys front-man, and Queens, New York native Yves Saint, "We are just poking fun at everyone who said I wasn't lyrical enough and those that act like its a crime to have fun, even if it's typical fun. People take themselves so seriously."

Download The Green Room EP here:
The Niceguys - The Green Room EP

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