Friday, June 11, 2010

The Cool Kids: Label Woes Hold Duo Back, Ponder Name Change

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The Cool Kids, a duo consisting of Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish, are going through legal trouble regarding their name ... and might have to change their group's name.

Rumors of a name change to Chuck & Mike have been circulating the industry for months now. Then, a video hit the net referencing the new moniker and confusing fans. But, the duo's most recent mixtape, Tacklebox, used their original Cool Kids name.

So what's the deal?

In a recent interview with Time Out Chicago, both members addressed the situation, but didn't go into details.

"We're in some legal bull," said Rocks. "We've got somebody trying to sabotage us. The legal system takes time. But it's 2010, man. We don't have time to sit around waiting for paperwork. Hopefully people that listen to us, listen to us, not our name."

"Names don't matter," Inglish added. "If that's the thing we have to cut, we'll just go by Chuck & Mike. But we put a lot of sh** into that name. Honestly, I probably hate the idea."

Later in the interview, the Kids talk about the hold up for their debut album, When Fish Ride Bicycles ... it's the label they say.

"Sh** ain't on us," says Chuck.

"The label is trash. Complete trash. I’m telling you," Mikey adds.

While they wait, they've dropped mixtapes, but the Kids admit that they don't want to. They'd rather sell their music, but just to stay in the marketplace, they release them out of necessity.

Both rappers says they wouldn't do it if they didn't have to.

"Only people in rap have to put out mixtapes. Rappers are just droppin' free sh**," explained Chuck. "You don't tour a mixtape. You don't even put that much effort into it."

"We did our mixtapes for survival. I pray I don't have to keep doing them," he continued.

The Cool Kids, or Chuck & Mike as they might be referred to soon, have dropped seven mixtapes -- their latest being Tacklebox.

At press time, there was no release date for their album.

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