Friday, September 11, 2009

Bobby Delivers New Mixtape With The Introduction

New York outfit GEMSTARS LLC are proud to unveil their debut project from lead off artist Bobby. The Introduction serves basically as its title states, as an introduction to one of the labels prized possessions.
Determined to break the generic norm of how emerging rappers are seen today, Bobby has developed his penmanship and his wordplay since he wrote his first rhyme back in Eighth Grade. But all the years he has studied the culture and its ambassadors is about to pay off.
"The purpose of the introduction is to do just that, introduce," Bobby points out. "It was to introduce not only myself, but the entire Gemstars movement as I'm not in this alone and I wouldn't be half way here without the support I've been blessed with."

The countless hours he has spent within the four walls of the studio mastering his craft has been duly recognized by those who work along side the burgeoning lyricist as they emerge as a notable independent label. "We basically decided to put this project together to showcase Bobby's lyrical capabilities as well as our production," explains Edel Ortero, GemStars CEO. "This is one of the many steps we plan on taking to get us noticed as a label as well as the home of undeniable talent."

Download Bobby The Introduction Here:
Bobby - The Introduction

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