Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Learn More About Music Executive Lyor Cohen

via The New York Times

1. ACTS HE HAS WORKED WITH: Beastie Boys, who are wacky. LL Cool J, who is remarkable. Nas, who is a wordsmith.

2. JOB DESCRIPTION: I am a hunter, an anthropologist, aneedle-in-the-haystack finder. You never know when it will be the day that you’ll find the artist that will change your life.

3. ACT HE MOST WANTS TO SIGN: Kings of Leon.

4. CAREER BEGINNING: I threw a concert at the Los Angeles club I was managing in the mid-1980s. Run-DMC was the headliner. They loved the show and gave me my start being their road manager.

5. JAM MASTER JAY MEMENTO: I have an award I received from his charitable organization. He used to be my roommate on tour. I remember his smile, which was beautiful.

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