Monday, September 7, 2009

Interview With Producer Nottz

Nottz is one of the few producers who offers something different every time he gets behind the boards. Whether it's a track with mainstream hip hop artists like Snoop Dogg, Kanye West or Busta Rhymes or underground artists like Skyzoo or Termanology, he always manages to give dope productions with a true signature sound that only the Nottz can provide.

via Hip Hop DX

HipHopDX: You are working on your own album right now, how close to completion is that? How important is time management when working on something of your own?

Nottz: Well I am just waiting on a couple of tracks, so maybe another week or two. Time management hasn’t really been a problem really, as I am here in the studio everyday, all day. It helps me out working with people who have different styles when it comes to working on my project you know. Being that I am just getting my first album out, I get to venture off to work with lots of different sounds. Let’s say I am working on a project with Snoop, maybe I would bring a lil west coast vibe to the project because of that and it might encourage me to put a song on there like that.

Hip Hop DX: When working in the studio with artists on their projects and then going in and doing your own stuff, is it the musician within you that allows you to adapt, as some people have commented that at times it can be quite hard?

Nottz: No. [Laughs] It is real easy. I do this every day.

Hip Hop DX: Do you experiment more when it is your own stuff?

Nottz: Oh yeah. Definitely. Especially with the basslines. Now I am doing my bass lines like I used to do them in the '90s. I branched out a little bit, but now I am trying to go back to that Busta Rhymes era.

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