Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bone Thugs N Harmony Announces 'Uni5: The Worlds Enemy' Release At Press Conference

via the Examiner by Hamlet Pericles

While the group’s 1995 hit song “1st of Tha Month” played in the background, each member showed up and took his seat. Flesh-n-Bone showed up first, followed by Layzie Bone, Wish Bone, Krayzie Bone, and Bizzy Bone.

The press conference started off pretty well, because the questions were coming from the attendees present (i.e., the press). That all changed when the questions from fans started streaming in from online. This is when the press conference shifted and had an uncanny and amateurish ambiance.

Later in the press conference...

The third strange question concerned donuts; yes donuts: “Where do y’all go for donuts?”

By far, this question was horrible and received some laughs, not to mention some strange faces by the members. The members that responded, however, had the presence of mind to keep their responses short and moved on, for they knew the question was meaningless and only presented by a fan to generate laughter. Unfortunately, the moderator felt the need to present the question.

In essence, the press conference began with fans not knowing much about the album and ended with fans not knowing much about the album. The only important information that came from this press conference was the release date of Uni5: The World’s Enemy, December 15, 2009.

For what Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has done in the music industry for 15 years and counting, they deserved a press conference better than what they were given – and the group’s Brand Engine management team did not present that utmost professionalism at all. Rather, an amateurish press conference was organized, which makes perfect sense why the members looked uninterested and uncomfortable at times.

Seeing the members side by side was an impressive sight, however. Each member handled himself well with the situation that he was put into, and did an amazing job with the questions that he was presented.

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