Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Up And Coming Music Producer Wonder Arillo Interview

via Production Market Place

PMP Worldwide: Did coming out the gate with such a big record make it difficult for you to move beyond the success of (T.I.'s) 'What You Know About That?'

Wonder Arillo: Yea its definitely a struggle because its like a 'catch 22'...I didn't want to be one of those producers that get caught in a rut cause you're expected to only do one type of track. When the song first came out I tried to stray away from doing the same type of beats but it was my claim to fame so of course I had to give people a certain amount of that signature sound but at the same time be creative and come up with something new. Then on the radio you started hearing a lot of songs with a similar sound and similar type of arrangement, to this day there are songs coming out that remind me of that beat.

People know me for doing that synthesizer/orchestral type of music, which is what I like because I love classic music and I'm somewhat classically trained so my beats are going to always have my own style because this is what I do and it's all about staying true to who you are.

PMP Worldwide: How much is your time split between making tracks, engineering sessions, networking and moving out in the streets and marketing/promoting on the Internet?

Wonder Arillo: It's hard to say because you tend to go through different phases so like I said before you have to just go with the flow. Playaz Circle, they some workaholics so a lot of times I would be up in their studio at least 3 nights (late into the night) out of the week. Then a few weeks ago they went on a promotional tour to promote the album so there was zero time in the studio with them so I used that time to make some new beats. When things are slow with both of those sides its time to go hit up the other studios and attend different music events. As far as the Internet I'm online almost everyday for at least 1 hour promoting myself, updating my status, sending up tracks, etc...I know some engineers up at Grand Hustle and some peoples at DTP so we try to help each other out and keep the flow going so its all about keeping a balance to what your doing.

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