Friday, October 30, 2009

Dam-Funk LA Times Upcoming Feature

As reported by Eric Ducker at the Los Angeles Times

Dam is one of those rare artists who looks the way his music sounds. With his pressed shoulder-length hair and taste for retro future sunglasses he could be confused for some kid's mentor in a coming-of-age film, someone who works in a community center or a roller rink where he spins records and drops sage advice about the opposite sex.

His songs share that same nostalgic cool. Titles like "Burn Straight Thru U" and "Candy Dancin' " come beamed from an entirely less self-conscious era. The idea of escape -- mentally, on the freeway or into your own dimension -- is one of his recurring lyrical themes. On "The Sky Is Ours" he croons, "Look in the mirror and realize who you are / You hold the flame of the funk and that's real / You know who you are / Live your dreams, don't let no one take them from you."

Stones Throw Records last week released all 139 minutes of Dam-Funk's full-length debut, "Toeachizown," as a double-CD collection, but the music has been available online since August on the label's website, which offered "Toeachizown" incrementally as five digital mini-albums. Later this year, Stones Throw will package "Toeachizown" on vinyl as a five-record set.

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LA Times - Dam-Funk: In with the new, out with the old

During Dam's recent trip to Japan:

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Stones Throw

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