Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Komp'L Announces Upcoming 'Tunnel Vision' Mixtape

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Gemstars LLC are proud to announce the impending release of Tunnel Vision from their lead off artist Komp'L. Born Divine Thomas, this New York native has been diligently crafting his debut project over the last few months, eager to make an impression on Hip-Hop's biggest fans.

"This mixtape has taken a lot of hard work from all involved," Komp'L explains. "I went back and re-recorded some of the tracks to give the tape a 'fresher' feel and to demonstrate just where I am today as an artist and I am extremely pleased with the outcome."

The fourteen-track opus, which features production from the Gemstars in-house production team, Marv, Bobby and Majestic, validates the void that Komp’L is intent on filling. Boasting abundant wordplay and generous portions of metaphors and punch lines, Komp’L is adamant that this chapter in his recording career will open doors not just for him as a rapper but also for Gemstars as, New York’s most innovative new label.

“This will be the mixtape to get us the attention we strive so hard to achieve,” the budding performer shares. “The real Hip-Hop heads should appreciate this tape for the fact its straight up lyricism, something which the game is severely lacking.”

With the tape being available for free download from the 28th of October, the lead off single from project, "So Cold" produced by Marv is currently being worked online and to radio. “The reason why we selected this track as the first from Tunnel Vision was because it says so much about me as an artist,” Komp’L says. “But not only that, the production on the track has the power to bump in the club as well as appeal to true Hip-Hop fans because of the wordplay.”

Having spent countless hours in the studio creating Tunnel Vision there will be a release party in conjunction with Drahma Magazine to celebrate this monumental achievement by Komp’L and his team on Friday 30th of October in New York City (details to follow.)

It’s hard making an impression in Hip-Hop today no doubt about it, but when you are as consistent and resilient as Komp’L is proving himself to be, slaying those Hip-Hop giants is more a reality than a myth.

Download Komp'L "So Cold" here:
Komp'L "So Cold"

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