Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mos Def 'Feels Like Buck Rogers' About Google With New Music Search Announcement

(photo courtesy of Paul Resnikoff at digital music news)

An excerpt from today's (Wednesday, October 28) Roundtable Discussion at the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood via Digital Music News about Google's new music search capabilities announcement made today.

A roundtable discussion began at 4:35 pm.

Roundtable Discussion included participants: Mos Def, Syd Schwartz (EMI), Wendy Nussbaum (Universal Music Group), Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), Steve Savoca (Domino Recording Co.), Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic).

A bit of a post-announcement cheerleading session, with some notable points and interesting interludes.

4:48 pm Mos Def

"We're still absorbing the impact and effect of those avenues," referring to a digitized world that includes Google, YouTube,etc. "I'm a child of the 70s, and I walk around everyday feeling like I'm in a Buck Rogers episode. I'm still trying to get over the cellphone. It's an exciting time to be a person making art in the world today."

On how he (Mos Def) views the internet - communication, creation, collaboration. "This time of history that we're in how, in relation to technology, is similar to the early 20th century... it's such a wide open field. It's all new to me, I'm still getting used to email." (source)

Photos from the roundtable discussion:
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Google Announces New Music Search Capabilities System

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