Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Interview With Rakim

via Showing Out

SO: The Seventh Seal is finally coming out. How does it feel to have a solid release date for the album?

Rakim: It’s a long road, man. To finally get to that point is a blessing. Word up.

SO: The cover art has you with sand slipping between your fingers. Is there any meaning behind the picture?

Rakim: You know, like the sands of time. It’s like being in control of time, almost, or being a burier of time. The name of the album is called The Seventh Seal, and the seventh seal is dealing with the signs of the times, from the plagues that’s going on. From the Ebola viruses, swine flu, to the weather that’s taking place, to the tsunamis and bad hurricanes, it’s all signs of the Seventh Seal. The sand pouring through my hands is letting them know that time is at hand.

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