Friday, October 30, 2009

Will 50 Cent 'Before I Self Destruct' Get Pushed Up?

Some developments have happen to negate the leaks on 50 Cent's upcoming album 'Before I Self Destruct', according to 50's manager Chris Lighty's Tweets (as seen on The Hip Hop Update)

Adjacent to this story - As reported by Paul Resinkoff at Digital Music News read below...

October 28, 2009
Breaking: 50 Cent's Upcoming Album Starts Leaking...

50 Cent's first album in two years, Before I Self Destruct, started leaking late this afternoon, nearly a month before its November 23rd release date. The news began spreading via a handful of hip-hop sites, and bloggers began immediately redistributing the album through one-click hosting sites like HotFile. Data partner BigChampagne subsequently confirmed the accuracy of the claims.

The leaked album is marked as the "International Version," though it contains all of the officially announced tracks minus the iTunes bonus material. But the lower sound quality indicates that it is likely from a streaming source - not a CD as the file claims.

The leak marks another blow to 50 Cent's reputed strict demands on quality control. The leak of the "Follow My Lead" video back in 2007 was alleged to have pushed the promotional strategy for Curtis off the rails.

Keep in mind that, after losing a hugely-publicized album sales bet to Kanye West in 2007, 50 declared that he would never make another album (though he didn't say anything about mixtapes). Yet, here it is: the follow-up to Curtis that 50 now claims will "revolutionize hip-hop".

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